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  • Shoreditch Youth Dance Company Audition - Sunday 28th September 2014

    SYD COMPANY AUDITION! Would you like the opportunity to join this fun and hard working youth dance company? Please visit our website and fill out the online form to register.

    Audition is by invitation only. Once you have submitted the form we will contact you with the audition details.



    SYD meets every Sunday from 10.30 - 4.30 and sessions are led by Artistic Director Lee Smikle and SYD Rehearsal Director Michaela Ellis. SYD members regularly work with other professional dancers, teachers and choreographers and get to take part in exciting and innovative collaborations, projects and performance opportunities.

    Choreoragphers and Dance Teachers SYD have worked with: Mafalda Deville, Lea Anderson, Renaud Wiser, John Ross, Anjali Mehra, James Wilton, Stuart Walters, Leila McMillan, Glenn Graham, Aaron Vickers, Eric Beauchesne and more.



  • Shoredith Youth Dance Company Performance Platform 2014. 26th July 6PM @ Rich Mix

    Shoreditch Youth Dance Company (SYD) is one of London’s leading independent contemporary dance companies for young people.

    Creating innovative training and performance opportunities for talented young dancers and professionals.

    This year the SYD dancers have created a new work in response to and in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts 'Sensing Spaces' exhibition.

    To book tickets visit:



  • Audition Day & Kidd Pivot Workshop

    First of the SYD 2014 audition days today to find the next generation of SYD dancers to join the family.

    Then in the afternoon SYD dancers have a great opportunity to work with Kidd Pivot dancer Eric Beauchesne.

    What an exciting start to the Summer Term!



  • SYD at the Royal Academy - Sensing Spaces

    Shoreditch Youth Dance two day project at the 'Sensing Spaces' exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

    SYD dancers created improvised movement sketches inspired and in relation to the space and architecture within.

    They interacted with the public of all ages the young dancers of SYD enjoyed challenge how they moved and sharing with others.

    Thanks to the Royal Academy especially to Kate Goodwin, curator of 'Sensing Spaces' .



  • SYD 4th Performance Platform 2013

    SYD 4th Performance Platform 2013


    Friday 26th July 7:30pm

    Rich Mix, Shoreditch


    See the Premiere of SYD's new full length music & dance collaboration FABLE plus other works by guest professional choreographers and dancers.

    Find out more about the performance & the Company at

    Have a sneak peek at SYD in rehearsals:



  • SIPP Success! Pilot of the SYD industry placement programme.

    I've got to say - I'm immensely proud our two eldest SYD members Georgia & Phoebe on their placements with Hofesh & Re:Bourne. Both made a strong impression on their placements and were a credit to themselves, SYD and the tenacity of todays emerging young dance artists.

    As well as learning valuable new skills and gaining hands on practical tips and advice from their host professionals they have both made positive networks on the next ladder of their dance journeys. The girls will continue to develop these skills alongside up coming SYD projects through out the year.

    I'ts been a privilege to be part of their journey so far, from young dancers into professional female role models and young dance artists.

    I'd like to thank re:bourne - Helen and James and Hofesh - Lucy and Helen for being so accomodating and coming on board to support the pilot of our SYD industry placement programme (SIPP) - giving aspiring young dancers a taste of what goes on behind the scences in the professional dance sector.

    Lee :)



  • Day 4 (Last day)- Hofesh Shechter Placement!


    Today was my last day working with the Hofesh Intensives at Laban. It has been such an amazing experience to be a part of and I have learnt so much!

    Today I registered the participants as normal and we started class with Yegi. Today in the crossings we explored this snake like way of moving where every part of your body was moving at once. When we got half way we had to do a sudden switch to an out of control shake in the whole body. I can feel that from just 3 days of workshopping different qualities within my body, my way of moving is developing massively! After class, Karima taught rep from a section called ‘Zorn’. The rep was extremely fast and specific in terms of rhythm so it was a great challenge as the movements all still had to be really precise!

    After the break we began the creative section where we revisited 'the line up' but this time to make things a bit different, they introduced the challenge. The group was split in half and as one group was presenting their line up we had to watch one person and think of a challenge for them to try out that would change the way they keep moving. This was great, as again it made me really develop and grow out of habits allowing me to challenge the way I improvise! At the end of class we also revisited the rep we learnt from 'desert storm'. It was really great to see how within 3 days everyone had taken in so much information into their bodies and the rep that looked quite messy on the first day came together and looked extremely strong and dynamic on the last day!

    After making sure everyone from my group had filled in their evaluation forms, I took the afternoon register and head over to the Hofesh offices. Today in the office I again amended the registers and then I moved on to learning how to record everyone's feedback from the evaluation forms. Using previous examples from their database I began a spreadsheet on excel and started to input all the questions and responses from each participant. It took me a while but I got a fair amount done! After completing the majority of this Helen let me look at a description of her job so I could get an idea of the position she had within the team and how many responsibilities this entailed. As well as this I also got to look at some contracts that the dancers/crew/musicians/bookers are given for things such as short workshops and tours. This was extremely useful as I began to see what sort of contracts or agreements I may be faced with in the future.

    It has been an incredible experience where I have not only learnt about the process of making a piece in Hofesh Shechter's company but also got to learn a movement style and repertory. As well as this I gained an understanding of what other jobs there are in the industry and the kind of things that these include. It has really opened up my eyes to the amount there is that I can still learn and achieve. It has also given me an extra motivation boost to keep working on myself as an artist!

    All that is left to say is a massive thank you to Lee, Lucy and Helen for allowing me to have this experience!

    Phoebe x



  • Day 3- Hofesh Shechter Placement!


    Today I was flying solo! Registered all the participants as usual and met the dancers from the company! Today Hannah, Karima and Merel taught us.

    Merel started us off with class and what they call 'crossings' where you cross the floor with a different idea for your body each time. Straight away the contrast to yesterday was amazing. Although stylistically what we were doing was still all very Hofesh-like, there are so many different things that they think about to create the different qualities. It was great to just let loose and try them out! Next Karima taught rep from the section called 'water'. Again, it was a big contrast to the section we learnt yesterday but also still a challenge.

    After lunch we came back to Hannah's part of the workshop, which was a task with a chair. Individually we had to sit on the chair and tell everyone one lie and one truth and then everyone had to guess which was the lie. We also had to say one good thing and one bad thing about ourselves. The aim was to be aware of the things we choose to hide from people and the things we know about ourselves that people can see whether they are good or bad. From this we then learnt a short phrase, which was full of contradicting things to think about. It was also really nice to get to know everyone’s characters and personalities within this task we did, as yesterday we didn't talk a lot as a group.

    After taking the afternoon registers I head back to the Hofesh Offices where I met Helen and began to do some work. To begin I edited the registers using excel and a website called Bookwhen, making sure that people who paid were there and if there were people who were absent, we got the details to follow up on why they weren't there. After editing these I then got to look through a sample of a tour book which they give to the dancers when they tour around different cities in the world. It was really interesting to see the amount of work that admin put into making sure all flights are booked, all hotels and venues are within walking distance, and that a whole book is made for each dancer with every detail needed including maps and even currency exchange rates! After getting an idea of the work done to help the dancers when they travel around I had a look into how they file things within the computer servers. I briefly looked over the folders that included intensives and admin and also things like resource packs and workshops. It was a great insight into the amount of work that is put in just for individual events!

    Tomorrow is my last day on placement :(

    Can’t wait to see what’s on the agenda!

    Phoebe x



  • Day 2- Hofesh Shechter Placement


    Today was my first day helping out with the Hofesh Intensives.

    I arrived at Laban nice and early to meet Helen and to show her round the building. After collecting the PA system and getting to the studio I then started to register people as they came in.

    In the intensive we worked with two of the dancers from the company: Wins and Yegi. We did class and then we learnt repertoire from the piece 'The Art of Not Looking Back'. The material we learnt was from a section called 'desert storm'. The piece is for all females so it was really interesting to hear what sort of ideas and things the dancers think about when it comes to performing this sort of material.

    After a short break we did a more creative session, working from sections in the piece called 'line up' and 'the solo'. The idea of line up was that individually you walked out of the line completely neutral, presented something (literally anything you wanted to) and then walked back. They layered thoughts and ideas onto this and some of the things people presented were really interesting. The solo was a part in the piece where the dancers are on their own and dancing with the idea that they are either handicapped or being stopped from moving into positions. I found this really challenging but it was so much fun watching everyone doing it together!

    After the morning intensive I stayed to register the afternoon group and then I was done for the day as Helen said I can do the same tomorrow and then meet her at the office to help with registers and other things! Today was really challenging for me because it really made me move in a way that I am not used. This experience is really helping me to see not only what sort of things the dancers in the company do regularly, but what other people in the Hofesh team are involved in!

    Looking forward to two more intense days!

    Phoebe x



  • My SYD placement with Hofesh Shechter! Phoebe Hart


    Today was my first day of my SYD placement working with the Hofesh Shechter team. It was great to meet the whole team who are responsible for all the hard work in the Hofesh offices at the Leathermarket near London Bridge.

    I met the lovely Lucy and Helen who are key members of the Hofesh team and responsible for the upcoming Intensives that I will be helping with. Everyone made me feel really welcome and at home in the office and it was a fun 2 hours with printing failures and near chocolate cake death incidents! It was really enlightening working in the office and listening to the conversations going on around me about data protection, booking tours abroad and which dancers are where and when!

    After getting a short brief from Lucy on what the intensive will consist of and my responsibilities within it, I started on some registers and evaluation forms. I began to get an insight into the mass amounts of planning there is put into just two short intensives. Timetables and briefs for the dancers, schedules for the coordinators and I even went to work on a small schedule for myself for the 3 days!

    The intensive is based on the all female work 'The Art of Not Looking Back' and will give the participants an insight into the process the dancers went through when creating the piece. As the intensive is going to be at Laban I have a big role in showing people around and helping with anything the dancers or participants may need. As Lucy will be on Easter break, the intensives will be left to me and Helen to run, and after Day 1, I may even be left on my own to register participants and set up each day! Ahh!

    I'm really excited to be involved in such a great oppurtunity and I can’t wait to get started!

    Phoebe x



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