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  • Day 3- Hofesh Shechter Placement!


    Today I was flying solo! Registered all the participants as usual and met the dancers from the company! Today Hannah, Karima and Merel taught us.

    Merel started us off with class and what they call 'crossings' where you cross the floor with a different idea for your body each time. Straight away the contrast to yesterday was amazing. Although stylistically what we were doing was still all very Hofesh-like, there are so many different things that they think about to create the different qualities. It was great to just let loose and try them out! Next Karima taught rep from the section called 'water'. Again, it was a big contrast to the section we learnt yesterday but also still a challenge.

    After lunch we came back to Hannah's part of the workshop, which was a task with a chair. Individually we had to sit on the chair and tell everyone one lie and one truth and then everyone had to guess which was the lie. We also had to say one good thing and one bad thing about ourselves. The aim was to be aware of the things we choose to hide from people and the things we know about ourselves that people can see whether they are good or bad. From this we then learnt a short phrase, which was full of contradicting things to think about. It was also really nice to get to know everyone’s characters and personalities within this task we did, as yesterday we didn't talk a lot as a group.

    After taking the afternoon registers I head back to the Hofesh Offices where I met Helen and began to do some work. To begin I edited the registers using excel and a website called Bookwhen, making sure that people who paid were there and if there were people who were absent, we got the details to follow up on why they weren't there. After editing these I then got to look through a sample of a tour book which they give to the dancers when they tour around different cities in the world. It was really interesting to see the amount of work that admin put into making sure all flights are booked, all hotels and venues are within walking distance, and that a whole book is made for each dancer with every detail needed including maps and even currency exchange rates! After getting an idea of the work done to help the dancers when they travel around I had a look into how they file things within the computer servers. I briefly looked over the folders that included intensives and admin and also things like resource packs and workshops. It was a great insight into the amount of work that is put in just for individual events!

    Tomorrow is my last day on placement :(

    Can’t wait to see what’s on the agenda!

    Phoebe x


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