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  • Day 4 (Last day)- Hofesh Shechter Placement!


    Today was my last day working with the Hofesh Intensives at Laban. It has been such an amazing experience to be a part of and I have learnt so much!

    Today I registered the participants as normal and we started class with Yegi. Today in the crossings we explored this snake like way of moving where every part of your body was moving at once. When we got half way we had to do a sudden switch to an out of control shake in the whole body. I can feel that from just 3 days of workshopping different qualities within my body, my way of moving is developing massively! After class, Karima taught rep from a section called ‘Zorn’. The rep was extremely fast and specific in terms of rhythm so it was a great challenge as the movements all still had to be really precise!

    After the break we began the creative section where we revisited 'the line up' but this time to make things a bit different, they introduced the challenge. The group was split in half and as one group was presenting their line up we had to watch one person and think of a challenge for them to try out that would change the way they keep moving. This was great, as again it made me really develop and grow out of habits allowing me to challenge the way I improvise! At the end of class we also revisited the rep we learnt from 'desert storm'. It was really great to see how within 3 days everyone had taken in so much information into their bodies and the rep that looked quite messy on the first day came together and looked extremely strong and dynamic on the last day!

    After making sure everyone from my group had filled in their evaluation forms, I took the afternoon register and head over to the Hofesh offices. Today in the office I again amended the registers and then I moved on to learning how to record everyone's feedback from the evaluation forms. Using previous examples from their database I began a spreadsheet on excel and started to input all the questions and responses from each participant. It took me a while but I got a fair amount done! After completing the majority of this Helen let me look at a description of her job so I could get an idea of the position she had within the team and how many responsibilities this entailed. As well as this I also got to look at some contracts that the dancers/crew/musicians/bookers are given for things such as short workshops and tours. This was extremely useful as I began to see what sort of contracts or agreements I may be faced with in the future.

    It has been an incredible experience where I have not only learnt about the process of making a piece in Hofesh Shechter's company but also got to learn a movement style and repertory. As well as this I gained an understanding of what other jobs there are in the industry and the kind of things that these include. It has really opened up my eyes to the amount there is that I can still learn and achieve. It has also given me an extra motivation boost to keep working on myself as an artist!

    All that is left to say is a massive thank you to Lee, Lucy and Helen for allowing me to have this experience!

    Phoebe x


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